Tony Roig

Prepare to play your best pickleball out there

By Tony Roig / October 1, 2022 /

When we think of winning as getting to 11 first and losing as when our opponents get to 11 before we do, we rob ourselves of the benefits that can come from score losing a game. The only way we grow as pickleball players is when we are pushed to do so – this often…

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If You Don’t Know the 2023 Pickleball Serve Rule, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

By Tony Roig / October 1, 2022 /
Pickleball Serve Rules 2023

It is almost assured that in the 2023 USAPA (USA Pickleball) Official Rules published for next year, the pickleball spin serve will no longer be allowed. Now let’s be clear it’s the pre-spun, more commonly known as the finger spin serve, that will no longer be allowed. The proposed change to the Pickleball Serve Rules…

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Getting the Information That is Right for You | PLUS the 2023 Rules Spin Serve Update

By Tony Roig / September 24, 2022 /

As you learn more, it is important to accurately understand what you are hearing out there – including from us. Oftentimes we find that tips or instruction are misapplied or misunderstood by players. This not only undermines the potential benefit of the instruction. It can result in a negative impact by the misunderstood or misapplied…

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Pickleball Instruction-Are You Hearing It Right?

By Tony Roig / September 23, 2022 /

Spins are BAD! Did you hear that right? If you are reading this, then you are pickleball curious. You want to know more about the game that you have come to love. And you are open to pickleball instruction. As you learn more, you must accurately understand what you are hearing – including from us.…

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Learn To Spin The Pickleball Correctly

By Tony Roig / September 19, 2022 /

This pickleball video is part of a 3-part series on learning pickleball spins. The first two videos covered pickleball spins and their actual impact on your shots and showed you the wrong way to spin the pickleball (more commonly used than you might think). Video 1 answered whether spins were suitable for your pickleball game…

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This is BAD Advice – Don’t do it

By Tony Roig / September 16, 2022 /

All pickleball players have received advice about how to play the game, particularly when we were beginner pickleball players. Some of the advice is good: how to score a pickleball game, where to stand when your partner is returning serve (hopefully at the Non-Volley Line), etc. But there is also some bad (as well as…

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Most Players Spin the Pickleball Wrong! – Pickleball Spins – Part 2

By Tony Roig / September 12, 2022 /

Will learning pickleball spins give you a small marginal advantage? Perhaps. But there are costs associated with learning and hitting with spins. Check out Video 1 in this series to learn more about whether spins suit your game. Earlier this year, one of our students returned for a second camp. He’d only been playing for…

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Everyone Wants To Spin The Pickleball. But Is It Right For Your Game?-Part 1

By Tony Roig / September 10, 2022 /

 Adding extra spin to the pickleball is not right for every pickleball player. Even if it is, there is a cost to adding spins to your pickleball game: (1) there are likely other shots and strategies that will be more beneficial to your game and results that you will not be working on. (2)…

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Maximize Your Work and Avoid Time Wastes

By Tony Roig / September 9, 2022 /

None of us has unlimited time in our days, and certainly not unlimited time to work on our pickleball games. If we want to play our best pickleball, we must prioritize the areas of our game that are most important; those that will give us the biggest bang for our buck. For example, the third…

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Should you try to spin the pickleball?

By Tony Roig / September 8, 2022 /

Most pickleball players, at some point, want to add spins into their games. The belief is that adding spins is what is missing to help a player “break out.” This belief is often misplaced, and, in fact, adding spins often retards a player’s improvement. Or worse yet, results in the deterioration of the player’s game.…

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