Tony Roig

You can control when you lose

By Tony Roig / May 13, 2022 /

Losing is within your control. Not losing a game – that is just a series of numbers. But you can control your behavior on the court: the thing that will actually determine whether you lost the day.   In the riff, we discuss sportsmanship. Mistakes vs intentional. It’s all about perspective.   Click here to…

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Winning is a Bowl of Ice Cream

By Tony Roig / May 6, 2022 /

Are you winning? In this episode we suggest you may already be winning. Improve your results as well as your relationship with pickleball by eating some more ice cream. What could be better?   In the riff, I share some thoughts about pivot points. These are the points that change a game. Are you hunkering…

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Making this common pickleball mistake? | Fix it with WeArePickleball

By Tony Roig / May 1, 2022 /

These 2 Common Errors are costing you points | Fix them with WeArePickleball Are you making one (or both) of these common pickleball mistakes? If you are, they are costing you missed shots and points. Win more pickleball games by fixing these errors in your game.

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Understand your battle on the court

By Tony Roig / April 29, 2022 /

When you step onto the pickleball court you are out there battling your opponent. Understanding this can help you navigate your next game.

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Forehand in the Middle – and Other Dangerous “Pickleball Aphorisms”

By Tony Roig / April 23, 2022 /

Aphorism -/ˈafəˌrizəm/ a pithy observation that contains a general truth, such as, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”. Alright, dangerous may be a bit much. But there are several statements offered by well-meaning players at the local courts that can be limiting (if not damaging) to a player’s game. We are going to dissect…

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Heading to the Courts? Listen on your way

By Tony Roig / April 22, 2022 /

Bookmark this Episode. Play it whenever you are on your way to the courts and get ready to play your best pickleball.   Click here to Join us inside THE Pickleball System. It will change your game.   Get the Three Pillars of Pickleball here.   WeArePickleball immersive pickleball camps at    Get the same visual…

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Are you hitting the right (optimal) shots?

By Tony Roig / April 16, 2022 /

Picking the right shots when you play is important. Part of that decision making is making selections that are not too risky. That get the job done without needless chance for error.   Think of the shots in terms of their marginal advantages. Some shots offer high advantages relative to the risk they create. An…

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They Were Up 9-3 In Game 2 and Lost the Match?! What Happened?

By Tony Roig / April 16, 2022 /

CLOSING OUT GAMES CAN BE HARD I happened to catch the Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters vs. Callie Smith/AJ Koller in the middle of their match at the PPA Carvana tournament. The match offered some insights into our games that I felt were worth sharing. SPOILER ALERT (if you have not watched the match and would…

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Wasting Your Time?

By Tony Roig / April 8, 2022 /

There is a reasonable chance that you might be wasting your time. And perhaps even wasting a lot of it.   If you are working on shots, tactics, or strategies that only provide limited benefit but require lots of work, then you are not using your time well. In this week’s episode we share a…

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How to go about winning your next pickleball game?

By Tony Roig / April 1, 2022 /

Want to win your next pickleball game? Of course you do. We all want that.   The trick is how to do it.   In this week’s episode we share with you how to win Pickleball games. Lots of them. It is not what you think.   We also share with you the ins and…

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