Play pickleball on a tennis court

Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

You want to play pickleball. But there are no pickleball courts available. No problem; as long as there’s a tennis court nearby you can play pickleball.  Just a basic tennis court – nothing else.  And based on our travels around the ...
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In the Pickleball Kitchen with Kelly and Ryan

 Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest recently hosted brothers Ben and Colin Johns on their Live morning show. They got a few quick pointers along with an ominous warning from Ben to "stay out of the kitchen" before they took ...
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Play Pickleball? No…Thank…You

It took me almost 52 years to figure out how to properly use this simple three-word phrase, no thank you, to exercise my agency. I had been playing in a group. There were a few other players drilling and some ...
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The Second Hardest Shot in Pickleball

How do you hit the reset shot from "no man's land" without popping it up in the air? Recently, I shot a video with Laura Fenton Kovanda where we focused on the reset shot. That's the shot that you use ...
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Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle

Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle Review

The Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle is the best paddle you haven't heard of … yet. If you are looking for a paddle that offers perhaps the best overall playability; comfort, control, power, and feel of any paddle out there, read ...
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Caution – Bad Pickleball Advice Ahead

Most of us started our pickleball journey learning from the pickleball enthusiasts who preceded us. The sport was passed down to us from the court elders or the group's pickleball experts who shared their nuggets of wisdom. “Stand up there ...
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STOP Making this Competitive Pickleball Mistake!

Are you stacking when in competitive or tournament play? If not, you are making a huge mistake. Whenever you are playing in a competitive or tournament setting, you are usually playing against players at your level. You might win. Or ...
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Have You Become a Robotic Stacker?

  Are you stacking the way you should be stacking? Some pickleball players regularly stack. To other players, the mere suggestion of “stacking” makes them break out into a sweat. As a preliminary matter, stacking is a fantastic tool that ...
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The Power of Pickleball Stacking-Maximum Tactical Advantage with Minimal Effort

Stacking is a pickleball strategy you can use to take control of your game. Stacking: is available for any level of pickleball play – 2.0 to Pro. allows you to take control of your side of the court. makes your ...
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Why You’re Failing at Pickleball and How to Fix it!

You return from the pickleball courts, feeling discouraged and disappointed. How could you have made so many mistakes? Just a few days prior, you felt so excited and full of promise knowing that you'd FINALLY found the solution to your ...
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My Top Pickleball Strategy-How to Play Better FAST

How do you know what improvement path is going to get you the fastest results? Having played pickleball for about 5 years now, I have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with a variety of players from varied backgrounds ...
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What Pickleball Tournament Play Taught Me About Rec Play

Last weekend, I competed in the Professional Pickleball Players (PPA) event in Tampa. Even though I was entered in the Senior Pro division, PPA events have skill levels and age events for all players. The division doesn't matter. The things ...
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Pickleball Rules and Scoring

Pickleball Rules And Scoring-Out Calls, Dead Balls, Score Calling and MORE

 The 2021 rules change document was more than 85 pages long. We're extremely fortunate to have rules guru Don Stanley walk us through the changes and understand how the rule book changes will impact us on the pickleball courts ...
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