Top 3 shills for 4.0+

Top 3 Skills for 4.0+

Want to play 4.0+ pickleball? First things first. You absolutely need these 3 pickleball shots in your arsenal. All three of these shots are achievable by any level pickleball player with some work and practice, but they are an absolute ...
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Play Better Pickleball by Getting to the Ball Faster

If you have stepped on a pickleball court you have probably heard down the middle solves the riddle, hit at the feet you will defeat and keep your paddle up but just why and how does any of this help ...
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How to Play Pickleball Without Advice from a Partner

If you were like me, you were handed a pickleball paddle, hit a few shots, got a quick rules overview followed buy LOTS and LOTS of FREE advice! Each new partner dutifully shared their insights on how to play pickleball. ...
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