Pickleball Third Shot-STOP Getting Killed on the Way to the Net

By CJ Johnson / October 26, 2019 /

 When you first learned to play pickleball, were you told to run to the non-volley zone right after the third shot, no matter what? If so you’re not alone, it’s pretty common, that’s how I was taught. Immediately running to the net is excellent advice if you’re the returning team, or if you happen…

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Covering the Court as a Team

By CJ Johnson / January 4, 2017 /

Ever play a team that covers the court so well it’s hard to score a point? They always seem to get a paddle on the ball no matter what? In my quest to play better pickleball and become a better partner, I’ve been watching how the best 5.0 players move. Covering the court as a…

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Moving to the Net as a Team

By CJ Johnson / December 29, 2016 /

My guess is at some point you have been told after you return the serve, no matter what type of shot you or your partner hit, run as fast as you can to the non volley zone. Sound familiar?  Are the results good or does the ball sometimes come back at you so quickly that…

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Down the Middle Solves the Pickleball Riddle

By CJ Johnson / December 7, 2016 /

You’ve got a good rally going, you force the error and your opponent gives you the opportunity to finish the point and then boom, you hit a sharply angled shot at the sideline and it’s out! Has that ever happened to you? Unfortunately, I still do it too often and you’ll see one of those…

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