Pickleball Tips

Why do you play pickleball? Is it the “W”?

By Tony Roig / February 19, 2022 /
Is it the W

We all come to pickleball looking for something. Some of us wanted to exercise or to get out of the house. Others were looking for a social outlet. And yet others play pickleball for a competitive outlet. Whatever brought you to pickleball, I am pretty sure it was not because you were looking for a…

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Pickleball Myths

By wearepicklebal / March 6, 2020 /

Takeaways You Won’t Want to Miss! We’ve all heard Pickleball Myths. Things like hit the ball and run to the kitchen line or the service just needs in. Things your fellow players tell you but in reality, they are killing your game! Today, we are separating the pickleball myth from reality and giving you a…

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Three Strategies for the New Year (or any time of year)

By Tony Roig / January 2, 2020 /

Three quick tips for your pickleball improvement – for the new year, or any time.

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