Mental Game

Negative Self-Talk//TWO WORDS to Stop with Coach Dayne G.

By CJ Johnson / August 22, 2020 /

I can’t believe I missed another dink. It’s such an easy shot! Why am I having such a hard time with this? If I keep missing those shots, nobody is going to want to play with me. I’ve been playing for years, I drill, and practice, and I am just not getting any better. How…

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Do You Know How Many Unforced Errors You Make?

By CJ Johnson / November 3, 2018 /

The difference between good pickleball players and great pickleball players are mistakes. In fact, unforced errors are the most common differentiator in pickleball ratings.   Unfortunately, most of us have a small blind spot when it comes to our unforced errors on the pickleball court. An inability to see our mistakes as well as our…

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How to Turn Around a Bad Start in a Pickleball Tournament

By CJ Johnson / May 26, 2017 /

Have you ever gone to play pickleball full of confidence, ready for your best day ever then bam! It seems as if an alien has inhabited your body, at least your paddle, and nothing goes as planned? Worse yet, it happens when your playing in a pickleball tournament! One of my frequent partners Bill and…

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