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Forehand in the Middle – Is It the Right Rule?

“Forehand takes the middle.” How many times have you heard it said on the courts? But is that always the case?


Even though it is uttered innocently enough, this “truism” is unhelpful and oftentimes will lead you to the wrong answer. There are multiple scenarios where a player may incorrectly conclude that “forehand takes it.”


In this week’s episode we reveal the fallacy of this well-ingrained “rule” and provide you with an alternative framework that is more constructive and will lead to you having better answers on the court.


In the riff we check in with your challenges and share with you a mindset you need if you want to make changes in your game.


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  1. steve on April 26, 2022 at 1:33 am

    Enjoyed the podcast. Thanks. Steve

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