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How do you play with a partner who does not see things your way?

One of the best aspects of pickleball is open play. As a social sport, we get to play with pickleball players from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. While this is usually great, there are times when playing with “random” pickleball partners drawn from a stack of paddles can prove challenging.


In this week’s episode we answer a question (and it is one we hear fairly regularly) about playing with different pickleball partners, particularly when your partner may see pickleball strategy the same as you. My guess is that if you are listening to this podcast, you know us otherwise, in which case I am sure your strategy is the correct one. But there will be times when your partner may think differently. What then?


In the riff, I share with you a personal story about doing it wrong – and then right. To help you stay on the right track.

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