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No.1 Pop up and Volley Fix

Popping up your pickleball dinks? It is likely because of your paddle swing. Specifically, too much backswing in your pickleball shots.

Same happens with your pickleball volleys. You are missing them long or into the net – sometimes missing them outright. Too much swing in your shots.

In this video we demonstrate this common cause of errors in your dinks and volleys. We also show you how to fix the errors by adopting a pickleball swing that you need to get the job done.

And that is how you will reduce the errors in all your shots.

0:00 The top source of your pickleball errors

1:12 The backswing in your pickleball dink that is causing your popups

3:00 How compact can you make your pickleball paddle swing on your dink?

3:54 The best swing for a longer shot – like a pickleball serve

4:56 The best swing for your pickleball volley


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