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Pickleball 101-A Quick Guide

Are looking for a new sport to try? Or perhaps you are looking for quick way to explain pickleball to your friends?

Pickleball is as fun as its name. With elements of other racket sports, this fast-paced activity can help you reap a lot of health benefits and offers pure enjoyment. All you need are comfortable, durable apparel, pickleball equipment, and an understanding of the rules!

Because the game is a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, it may be easier to get into for those uncertain or intimidated by the unfamiliar name. While there are a number of rules, the ultimate goal, like other racket sports, is to get the ball over the net. The social aspect of the game allows for healthy teamwork and competition, while you get exercise and have fun under the sun. Plus, the sport may contribute to improving your cognitive performance and vertical jump in a short span of time! Learn more about pickleball with this graphic.


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