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Pickleball Playing Tip-Different Place & Different Pace

Playing Tip: Different Place, Different Pace


What’s the best thing about being unpredictable? You keep the other guys off guard.

Take advantage of every opportunity you find to change your target. Hitting several shots in a row to the opponent directly across from you turns his partner into a spectator, one likely to relax his attention. So a sudden a different place, hitting at the spectator is a high percentage shot. Keep in mind that hitting a change of direction is also a difficult shot to execute. Plan Wisely!

Same with a change of pace. Follow several hard hits with a different pace, a soft shot. This is more difficult to do but when you can master it, you will become the master. Turning a soft shot into a screamer is easier as long as you wait for the right opportunity – a dink that comes to you ABOVE the net.

Extra playing tip-You know what the dink shot is but do you know why you hit it?

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