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Pickleball Playing Tip-The Kitchen & the Bathroom?

Pickleball Playing Tip-Think of the pickleball court as rooms in your home—the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hallway.

We all know where the kitchen is on the pickleball courts—the first 7 feet on each side of the net.  Like in your home, the kitchen is the meeting place on the court. It’s where all the action is. Good things happen around the kitchen. You want to get to the kitchen line to score.

Now think of the baseline area of the pickleball court as the bathroom in your home. It’s not a fun place to be. You are usually alone there. Unless you are reading, you want to do your business and get out of there.

Your business in the bathroom portion of the pickleball court is: number 1—land a safe serve; and number 2—wait for the return of serve to bounce. When you are done with number 1 and number 2, you should leave the bathroom and move quickly toward the kitchen to get in on the action.

The section of the pickleball court halfway between the kitchen line and the bathroom is like the hallway in your home. You must pass through it to get from one place to another, but you wouldn’t hang out there. Nothing happens in the hallway.

Now you have a new way of reminding your partner to move forward. Tell him to get out of the bathroom!

Don’t you love Bev’s sense of humor?!

Want to know more about kitchen rules?

Bev writes a weekly email blast for our pickleball club. She delivers the rules with clarity and a sense of humor. If you have a rules question post it in the comments below.


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