THE Pickleball System

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NEXT Class Starts March 24, 2023

Learn from the Pros You Know Pickleball Professionals CJ Johnson and Tony Roig
Learn from the Pros You Know Pickleball Professionals CJ Johnson and Tony Roig

An Online Learning Experience
as Unique as You Are

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Everything You Need To Improve Your Game And Confidently Reach Your Potential

You can do this! You just need a clear path that shows you what to focus on, so you can start to see improvement on the court. You already know that pickleball is an easy game to learn but difficult to master. There are real challenges to upping your game and technique!

That’s why we created a learning experience as unique as you are! We designed the Three Pillars of Pickleball™, which is the foundation of THE Pickleball System. We have a plan for you no matter where you are in your pickleball journey, so you can become the best pickleball player you can be!

Mechanical Pillar on Desktop and Mobile


The “how to” of pickleball

How to consistently hit all the shots where you want each and every time, including the serve, punch volley, dinks, and third shot drop.

How to put it all together on the court, so that you’re ready for every shot that comes your way.

How to move around the court, so that it’s easier to get the shot and recover for the next one.

Strategic Pillar on Desktop and Mobile


The “what to do when” of pickleball

Where to hit your next shot depending on any situation, so you can play to your strengths and take advantage of an opponent’s weakness.

What is the best strategy when you’re playing on the return side (or the serve side). Just a hint - they’re different!

How to “see” the game so that you make decisions in real time and have more fun playing pickleball!

Athletic Pillar on Desktop and Mobile


Training your mind and body

How to improve your body, including your balance, flexibility, and injury-prevention, which will help you on more than just the pickleball court!

How to keep your focus, so that you can reduce the anxiety or overwhelm that you feel when playing.

How to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with the sport you love and also with your body.

What’s Inside THE Pickleball System?

  • Your Success Path

    Everyone's pickleball journey is different. Stop wasting time and get clear on your path to reach your goals. We fill in the blanks, so you know exactly what you've been missing.

    You will learn:

    • How to start out right and lay a solid foundation.
    • How to gain clarity and put it all together.
    • What the Three Pillars of Pickleball mean for you.
    • How to measuring your progress with a “Winning” Philosophy.
    • And MORE...

    BTW - No need to be concerned about the tech. We walk you through the software and support system, so you can easily find what you need.

  • Mechanical Pillar

    Chances are you've tried correcting your strokes with varying degrees of success. No more guesswork. You'll know how to minimize mistakes and consistently hit the ball where you want it to go.

    You will learn:

    • Why footwork is so important and how it helps you be in the right place at the right time. 
    • How to gain control of your body and quickly recover, so you’re ready for the next shot
    • And MORE...

    Incorporating the mechanics into your game will give you confidence in even the most challenging situations.

  • Strategic Pillar

    It’s one thing to know how to hit the ball, but you also need to know what shot to hit when. We’ll teach you how to construct points and solve the puzzles you see on the court.

    You will learn:

    • How strategy is different for the Serve side and Return side.
    • Why the Return of Serve is the most important shot and the reason you’ll win or lose more rallies. 
    • How to move from baseline to the NVZ with confidence.
    • And MORE...

    Don't miss the game breakdowns that made us famous! It's like having CJ and Tony coach you through a game.

  • Athletic Pillar

    You know how to hit a shot and where it needs to go but after three games you're gassed and unable to focus. No matter where you’re starting, we can help you to feel better and think more clearl

    You will learn:

    • Simple ways you can improve your game through the course of the day. Don’t worry you won’t have to hit the gym if you don’t want to. 
    • How to focus your mental and emotional energy, so you play better and have more fun.
    • And MORE...

    Playing your best will be a life-long journey. We’ll show you how to use this course and the resources for years to come to keep improving and enjoying the game you love.

What THE Pickleball System Members Are Saying

Robb B.

"I’ve been an adult educator/ motivational speaker for three decades….I recall the phrase "many have knowledge but few can teach"… both have the teaching and inspirational gift."

Martha R.

"You both are so supportive; it felt like I was learning from friends. You didn't treat it as "pay for the course," and you're on your own. You continue to stay engaged with your students. Most importantly, I have learned so much."

Jane C.

"The Pickleball System has been invaluable. I continuously go back and re-study the modules, practice, and try to incorporate them into my play. I just have to remember to improve one skill at a time. Other players in my group have really noticed the improvement."

Mike E.

"I have achieved my goal, and I am playing at a 4.0 level. I’ve also qualified for Nationals in two events! I use the System daily to help me focus on what I’m trying to accomplish that day. Thanks for all your help."

Alan C.

"I have really benefitted from your course and am still working on lots of things, but to have an IDEA on the court about how to move, how to hit, when to make a shot, and where, specifically during the first four shots, has been transformational for me. "

THE Pickleball System

An Online Learning Experience as Unique as You Are