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Prepare to play your best pickleball out there

When we think of winning as getting to 11 first and losing as when our opponents get to 11 before we do, we rob ourselves of the benefits that can come from score losing a game. The only way we grow as pickleball players is when we are pushed to do so – this often means losing in terms of the score in a game or match. Take advantage of these growth opportunities by focusing on what you can do to improve as opposed to just the L that you get after that “loss.”

In the riff, we get into what it means to compete. What is the right bar for you to set for yourself when you are out on the pickleball courts.

Check out Episode 106 of Pickleball Therapy – the Podcast dedicated to Your Pickleball Improvement – and reframe your work out on the pickleball court.


  1. James Totty on November 2, 2022 at 12:58 am

    This podcast only runs about 15 seconds. It stops at “…we are not looking to lo”.
    I am using the latest version of Chrome on my pc.

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