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THE Pickleball System

New Class begins October 21st, 2022

Everything You Need To Improve Your Game And Confidently Reach Your Potential

THE Pickleball System shows you exactly what to focus on, so you can start to see improvement on the court. You already know that pickleball is an easy game to learn but difficult to master. There are real challenges to upping your game and technique!

That’s why we created a learning experience as unique as you are! We designed the Three Pillars of Pickleball™, which is the foundation of THE Pickleball System. We have a plan for you no matter where you are in your pickleball journey, so you can become the best pickleball player you can be!

What You Will Learn

The Mechanical Pillar-the “how to”
The Strategic Pillar-“What to do when”
The Athletic Pillar- the “mind/body connection”


Six online coaching calls with CJ, Tony and your fellow classmates to answer your questions, deepen your understanding of the concepts and enhance your ability to apply what you’ve learned.

A MUST for any player who wants to improve their skills

  • Course Format-On Demand-Videos are released at periodic intervals
  • Live In-Person Group Coaching Calls
  • More than 100 videos and more than
  • Player Type-Beginner to Advanced