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Your quiz results are in!

You're an Up and Comer.

You're still relatively new to the game but are feeling better each time you play.

You've started to play more often and are gaining comfort moving around the court.

It's still challenging to get the ball to go where you want it to. Speaking of getting the ball to go where you want it to, why is it so hard to master the serve?

You see other players who know more about how to play than you do. While you're able to play on some of the courts during open play, other courts intimidate you or are just not available to you right now. At times, things seem to be happening so fast that you can't keep track and feel overwhelmed.

If you could just feel more confident and sure of your abilities when you are playing, you know you'd be able to join in on the higher-level courts.

You're having so much fun that you are playing more and more often. Unfortunately, that's leading to a few more aches and pains. It might help if you warmed up your body before you play, but everyone is so anxious to get started, and you're not sure what's the best way to do it anyway.

You've played long enough to know that it's likely you'll be doing this for a while and have the desire to grow as a player.

You want to know more about pickleball and how to play it. You did take the quiz after all 🙂

About Us

Hi There!

We’re CJ and Tony

Before we go any further, let us introduce ourselves...we’re pickleball experts.

We’ve provided hundreds of hours of on-court instruction and have amassed a combined 50,000 YouTube subscribers and 5,000,000 views. Our instruction has helped thousands of players understand the game better and improve as players.

We teamed up in 2020 to create an online success-focused pickleball learning machine that extends far beyond YouTube and now we get to share it with the world... and spoiler: We don't believe in secrets, we believe in three pillars to learning pickleball, filling in the knowledge gap and then showing up!

Want to know more about Up and Comers?

When you know exactly how to play your best pickleball nothing can stop you

You'll benefit most from building solid shot mechanics by focusing on the Mechanical Pillar of Pickleball™. Your focus will be primarily on mastering the shots you need to hit to play pickleball. Getting really good at your serve, return of serve, third shot, and punch volley.

These are the first four shots of each rally and mastering these will let you play longer and longer rallies. It is also the fastest way to stop giving losing rallies and get to the next level (don’t worry – we explain this in detail inside the Path).

You will be focusing on the return side of your game. The Path is designed to help you gain the biggest improvements first. And mastering the return side of pickleball is the quickest way to make yourself hard to beat.

As you know by now, Pickleball is a game of movement, and quick players are usually great movers. Even players who come from other racquet sports, such as tennis, need to learn new movement patterns. Pickleball's smaller court demands more lateral movement and an abbreviated drop step.

Speaking of speed, we can't say enough about being in the correct position to return one of those hard-hit shots.

It will help you slow the game down while making you appear quicker because you're ready for whatever comes your way.

We'd be remiss if we didn't help you avoid some of those aches and pains your feeling from a long day (or multiple days in a row) on the courts. A simple warm-up routine with some dynamic stretching will help your body feel and perform better. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes so that you won't be missing any games at the beginning of your day.

As you work on the mechanics of your game, you'll gain more control over your shots, including that pesky serve. With more control comes more confidence. Your friends will likely notice your improved ability to get to more shots and then hit them where you want.

It won't be long until you find yourself more comfortable on the court because you're no longer beating yourself by giving away free points. You're calmer and feeling physically better. Others in your group find you a more formidable opponent and those other courts are starting to become available to you.

The Up and Comer’s Most Valuable Resources

There’s no shortage of resources for you, friend. This should get you started, but trust us when we say this is just a sample. We’re constantly creating new material for you to learn from delivered in a variety of formats to meet your learning needs.


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