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6 Habits Fit People Over 50 Use to Stay Healthy

By CJ Johnson / September 20, 2018 /

There are six basic habits that are a cornerstone of fitness for people over 50. But before we begin, remember that it is all based on clean eating. All that simply means is eating less processed food and more whole foods. Choose foods that are closer to their natural form. Processed foods are full of…

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Playing Tip: Stay in the Moment

By CJ Johnson / June 20, 2018 /

Good players can lose points when they become mentally distracted. The biggest enemy of your pickleball game is self-flagellation. You miss a shot and you beat yourself up about it. The best friend of your mental game is a short memory.   When I played competitive golf one of my go-to mental tactics was a…

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Rules Review: Too Excited in Pickleball?

By wearepicklebal / June 13, 2018 /

When is Exuberance Illegal? In doubles play, it is important to communicate with your partner. You might call shots, yell warnings about balls that are likely out, call your partner to switch positions, or warn your partner when you see a ball with spin coming his way. All of that is generally okay. But, yelling…

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Playing Tip: Stay Back After Your Serve

By CJ Johnson / March 13, 2018 /

The goal is to get to the kitchen line (non-volley zone) as quickly as you can but don’t be in too big of a rush.  When you were a novice, you didn’t stay back after your serve, and you lost a point or two by hitting a shot before letting the return of serve bounce. Ah…

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Playing Tip: Jeepers Creepers

By wearepicklebal / January 10, 2018 /

One of the first rules we usually learn is that the serving team needs to let the ball bounce before hitting their next shot. Did you also know that it’s an advantage to stay at or behind the baseline until the return of serve bounces? Some of us tend to serve and allow the momentum to…

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17 Pickleball Lessons and Life Hacks from Golf

By CJ Johnson / July 28, 2017 /

What can a golf tournament teach us about pickleball, and how to live a better life on and off the courts? If it was Jordan Spieth’s Open Championship win, the answer is a lot! Last weekend was not a run of the mill golf tournament, and it’s now evident, Jordan Spieth, the eventual winner, is…

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