laura fenton kovanda

The Pickleball Reset Shot-How to Control the Ball

By CJ Johnson / September 14, 2019 /

How do you hit the reset shot from “no man’s land” without popping it up in the air? Recently, I shot a video with Laura Fenton Kovanda where we focused on the reset shot. That’s the shot that you use when you’re transitioning from the baseline to the non-volley zone. Afterward, the emails came in…

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The Second Hardest Shot in Pickleball

By CJ Johnson / September 7, 2019 /

Most people consider the third shot is the toughest pickleball shot to hit consistently. Do you know the second hardest shot in pickleball to master? If you said the Reset Shot you’re correct. Here’s what 4 time US Open Champ Laura Fenton Kovanda has to say about the resetting the ball to the kitchen. What…

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What 56 FEET of Snow this Past Winter Taught Me About Pickleball

By CJ Johnson / May 17, 2019 /

As you can see in my Youtube Video’s, Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to play pickleball. What you don’t see on those videos is what happens the other six months of the year, it snows. And by most people’s standards, it snows a lot! You may be wondering why I live here? Long before…

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How to Turn Around a Bad Start in a Pickleball Tournament

By CJ Johnson / May 26, 2017 /

Have you ever gone to play pickleball full of confidence, ready for your best day ever then bam! It seems as if an alien has inhabited your body, at least your paddle, and nothing goes as planned? Worse yet, it happens when your playing in a pickleball tournament! One of my frequent partners Bill and…

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Want to Hit Better Pickleball Groundstrokes? Use Your Feet (Part 2)

By CJ Johnson / March 1, 2017 /

Balance and strong footwork are cornerstones of any sport. The most challenging shot to hit is when we are off-balance. Footwork in pickleball is an often overlooked key component of good players. If you want better pickleball groundstrokes, it’s time to start at the bottom and find out what your feet are doing. Most of…

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Discover the Secret Benefits to Good Footwork

By CJ Johnson / February 22, 2017 /

The importance of proper footwork is perhaps one of the least understood skills in pickleball. After all, the court is small, why focus on footwork? Pickleball is no different than other sports. Good footwork will help you hit better groundstrokes and, in general, play better. The 5 Benefits of Good Footwork 1   Reduce unforced…

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Pickleball Drills-Block Effectively and Win More Points

By CJ Johnson / February 2, 2017 /

It’s fun to watch the best pickleball players change a dinking game into an attack. They are so quick and their ability to block is amazing! Do you block effectively? Would improved blocking help you win more points or more pickleball games? When I did an inventory of my shots, my score for blocking was…

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The #1 Mistake Killing Your Pickleball Game

By CJ Johnson / January 18, 2017 /

When you started playing, you saw rapid improvement, but as time went on, you plateaued. You feel stuck at the same level and don’t understand what’s keeping you from progressing. Sound familiar? The #1 mistake killing your pickleball game is that you don’t understand your strengths and weakness. This seems to be a common thread…

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Covering the Court as a Team

By CJ Johnson / January 4, 2017 /

Ever play a team that covers the court so well it’s hard to score a point? They always seem to get a paddle on the ball no matter what? In my quest to play better pickleball and become a better partner, I’ve been watching how the best 5.0 players move. Covering the court as a…

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Moving to the Net as a Team

By CJ Johnson / December 29, 2016 /

My guess is at some point you have been told after you return the serve, no matter what type of shot you or your partner hit, run as fast as you can to the non volley zone. Sound familiar?  Are the results good or does the ball sometimes come back at you so quickly that…

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