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Play the Perfect Pickleball Rally

By Tony Roig / December 12, 2022 /
Play the PERFECT Pickleball Rally

Learn from the Best Pickleball Players and Instruction available anywhere with this pickleball video. Pickleball serve side play is the hardest aspect of playing effective pickleball and winning more games. Ready to improve your game? Get the Three Pillars of Pickleball here: In this pickleball video we break down a rally from the PPA…

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Negative Self-Talk//TWO WORDS to Stop with Coach Dayne G.

By CJ Johnson / August 22, 2020 /

I can’t believe I missed another dink. It’s such an easy shot! Why am I having such a hard time with this? If I keep missing those shots, nobody is going to want to play with me. I’ve been playing for years, I drill, and practice, and I am just not getting any better. How…

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