pickleball backhand stroke

4 Common Errors Hurting Your Pickleball Backhand

By CJ Johnson / September 19, 2020 /

Are you suffering from a weak or inconsistent pickleball backhand? If you’re making one of these four common mistakes, you’ll have consistency and power issues. One of the most frequent things I hear is, “my pickleball backhand is worse than my forehand. What can I do?” No doubt about it. For most of us, our…

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What it REALLY takes to hit a GOOD Pickleball Backhand!

By CJ Johnson / February 21, 2020 /

I think it’s pretty safe to say that for most pickleball players, our backhand is not as consistent as our forehand. While you might be able to run around your backhand for a time, it’s not a successful long-term strategy. So, how do you develop a good pickleball backhand? Laura Fenton-Kovanda says it starts at…

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