pickleball journey

How to Climb Your Pickleball Mountain (in Five Mostly Easy Steps)

By Tony Roig / December 10, 2022 /

Are you happy with your pickleball game? You know what I mean, when you walk off the court, are you where you think you should be in your pickleball journey? If you are like many of the pickleball players that write to us, you think you should be further along than you currently are. To…

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#116- Journey to Gold

By Tony Roig / December 9, 2022 /

In this week’s podcast I share some of myself with you. More specifically, some of my pickleball journey. From first hitting a pickleball through the medal stand in Senior Mixed Pro at this last weekend’s PPA tournament in Orlando. I share it with you so that you know two things: 1. You can achieve whatever…

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