pickleball No Man’s Land

Pickleball Reset Shot: Don’t Get Caught In “No Man’s Land”

By CJ Johnson / June 27, 2020 /

Are you noticing that as you move up in levels, you’re required to hit different shots? Do you need a shot, to get from the baseline to the non-volley zone, a shot that works in the transition area? You need a reset shot. One shot you need to acquire to become a better player is…

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The Pickleball Reset Shot-How to Control the Ball

By CJ Johnson / September 14, 2019 /

How do you hit the reset shot from “no man’s land” without popping it up in the air? Recently, I shot a video with Laura Fenton Kovanda where we focused on the reset shot. That’s the shot that you use when you’re transitioning from the baseline to the non-volley zone. Afterward, the emails came in…

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The Second Hardest Shot in Pickleball

By CJ Johnson / September 7, 2019 /

Most people consider the third shot is the toughest pickleball shot to hit consistently. Do you know the second hardest shot in pickleball to master? If you said the Reset Shot you’re correct. Here’s what 4 time US Open Champ Laura Fenton Kovanda has to say about the resetting the ball to the kitchen. What…

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