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Pickleball Rules-When Can I Step In the Kitchen?

By wearepicklebal / April 11, 2020 /

I smashed a volley, my opponents can’t return it, and we won the point, but I’m windmilling. Can I ever step into the Kitchen? I can? When? I recently did a Pickleball Rules AMA -Ask Me Anything with Certified Referee and Referee Trainer Don Stanley. Of course, there was a multitude of questions about the…

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My Pickleball Partner Won’t Come to the Net!

By CJ Johnson / November 30, 2019 /

Have you ever played pickleball with a partner who just won’t come to the net? Pickleball rec play is one of the unique aspects of this sport, which makes it so enjoyable. You don’t have to have a partner to play. You can go to open play, and you get to play with a lot…

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