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3 Best pickleball paddles – Beginner/Budget Paddle

By CJ Johnson / January 30, 2022 /
3 BEST pickleball paddles - Beginner/Budget Paddle

3 BEST pickleball paddles – Beginner/Budget Paddle | Intermediate | Advanced (the one we use) If you are looking for a pickleball paddle, my friend and partner, Tony Roig from In2Pickle and WeArePickleball, guest start this week and shares three of his favorite paddles. Our Beginner/Budget Paddle is the Pro Lite Bolt. It is an…

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Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle Review

By Tony Roig / August 18, 2021 /
Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle

The Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle is the best paddle you haven’t heard of … yet. If you are looking for a paddle that offers perhaps the best overall playability; comfort, control, power, and feel of any paddle out there, read on. Update 6.4.22–If you order online, use VIPickleball at checkout for a discount. However, you…

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Ready for Your Next Pickleball Paddle?

By CJ Johnson / May 16, 2020 /

Are you considering upgrading your current pickleball paddle, but you’re not sure what to get or how to choose the best one? You’re not alone! Many of us likely purchased our first pickleball paddle based on price. After all, we didn’t know if we would like pickleball, and frankly, most of us probably wouldn’t have…

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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day One-Paddles, Jolt, Drops, Drives and the Kitchen

By CJ Johnson / April 5, 2020 /

Virtual Summit Day One kicks off with Nicole Havlicek from Primetime Pickleball, Brandon Swanson The Paddle Geek, Drew Evans The Pickleball Librarian, and Laura Fenton Kovanda 4x US Open Champ and Owner of World Team Pickleball. What’s the best 3rd shot, and why? Nicole Havlicek tackles the great 3rd shot debate. Paddle Geek Brandon Swanson…

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Pickleball Rules- Pickleball Paddle Envy? Size Matters

By wearepicklebal / November 2, 2017 /

Sometimes equipment makes the player. I wouldn’t personally blame my paddle for my misses, but the right gear can increase your confidence and improve your game. There are only a few rules about pickleball paddles: size matters and the surface must be smooth. A paddle can be any shape, thickness or weight, but the length…

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