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Pickleball Serving Rules – 2023 Pickleball Rules Update- Part 1

By CJ Johnson / November 6, 2022 /
No Spin

The Pickleball Serve Rules are changing for 2023. The Pickleball Spin Serve is banned. But does that mean there are no more spinning serves? Here’s what you need to know. As of January 1, 2023, there are some new rules that you need to know about. Today, Mark Peifer joins us. Now, you might not…

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2022 Pickleball Rules- The Drop Serve

By Tony Roig / December 11, 2021 /

The 2022 revisions to the USA Pickleball Rules (technically the IFP Official Rulebook) have been announced. The “provisional” qualifier was dropped (is there a pun there) from the Drop Serve rules. What this means is that the Drop Serve is in the official rules and here to stay. Before the new rules were adopted, it…

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Pickleball Serve Rules-Should This Serve Be Legal?

By Tony Roig / November 4, 2021 /

Making the Case The chainsaw serve has received plenty of attention of late. Ever since Pro Player Zane Navratil began using it successfully, many players have, rightly, asked whether the chainsaw serve is something they should add to their game. As you may already know, the chainsaw serve has been banned for 2022. But there’s…

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Pickleball Rules 2021-The Rules Guru and the Drop Serve

By wearepicklebal / December 19, 2020 /

We bet you’ve heard that effective January 2021, pickleball has a few new rules, including a drop serve. While Tony and I believe other rule changes will likely impact your game more, the drop serve is getting the most attention. Not surprising, the serve is a topic that fascinates pickleball players and consistently produces more…

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Pickleball Serving Rules-Are You Violating this ONE?

By CJ Johnson / August 15, 2020 /

Despite this video having over 212,000 views, I’m continually asked questions about the differences between a legal and an illegal serve. It doesn’t surprise me because it can be challenging to see with the naked eye. What does surprise me is I’m not often asked about the rule that I see being violated the most. That video…

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