playing your best pickleball

#119- Special Episode-Get Ready to Play Your Best in 2023

By Tony Roig / December 30, 2022 /

Last episode of 2022. How sound is your home, your Pickleball home? I’m working on my home, fixing up the bathrooms and stuff. But I also have a pickleball home. The more sound my pickleball home, the better I’ll play. How about your pickleball home? How sound is your pickleball home? Today I’ve got some…

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Make 2022 Your Best Pickleball Year Yet!

By CJ Johnson / January 1, 2022 /

Most pickleball players want to improve; to grow in the game and their understanding of this awesome sport. That is a good first step for those players who are interested in improvement. BUT … Intention without action will not get you where you want to go. If you want to continue your growth in pickleball,…

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