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What's the Community and How to Login for the First Time 

It's likely that you joined for the instruction. But it's the community that sets VIPickleball apart. This is your chance interact with CJ, Tony and a host of other passionate pickleball people dedicated to improving their pickleball games

COMMUNITY Password Reset

Before resetting your password we recommend that you clear the cache on your web browser.

If you've cleared the cache and reset your password and still can't get in. Please try a different web browser.

The community is located at

If you are still having an issue contact us at

Community-Full Tour

Personalizing Notifications and Community Digest

Never miss a conversation or topic that interests you.

Using the Community-Getting Questions Answered

The best way to get a question answered is to see if anyone has already found the information you're looking for.

Utilizing the Community-Connecting with Tony and CJ

Have questions for CJ or Tony? Here's how to find them in the community or on Zoom.

Utilizing the Community-Locating Event Links

We use Zoom for all of our online events. Here's how to locate all the information you need to access the event. If you are new to Zoom there's an entire tech section devoted to getting you up and running on Zoom.

Moving Between the Community and the Library

Once you've logged into each one, here's an easy way to move between the two.

Utilizing the Community-The Difference Between a Comment and a New Topic

Utilizing the Community-The Difference Between a Comment and a New Topic

Utilizing the Community-Editing a Comment or Topic

Utilizing the Community-Adding Media to a Post

Want to share a photo, a map or a document with the community? Here's how to do it.

Utilizing the Community-How to Update Your Profile, Including a Picture

Utilizing the Community-How to Add A YouTube Video to Your Posts

Utilizing the Community-How to Create and Add Your Own Video to a Post

Utilizing the Community-Tag a Member in a Post

Download the Community App

The VIPickleball Community is powered by a software called Circle. Currently, the app is available in IOS only. Here's an easy link to download the app:

Login with your email and password and you'll be directed to the VIPickleball Community.