Digital Library

What's the Difference Between the Library and the Community?

Learn more about the layout of the VIPickleball community and how to find the materials you need.

The digital library can be found at

The community is located at

How to Access the Digital Library

The Digital Library is where you'll find the pickleball courses in your roadmap. In addition, it's home to event replays.

The Roadmaps--Avoiding Overwhelm

The best way to improve your pickleball game is to use your roadmap. The library has a multitude of resources and you won't need all of them. The roadmap is designed to help you find the resources that are best for you.

Digital Library App

The digital library is hosted on a platform named Kajabi.

Follow this link for directions to download the Kajabi app for your Apple or Android device.

Use your digital library email and password to login on the app and access your VIPickleball Digital Library.

Change Your Digital Library Password

Asking Questions about Library Materials

You'll probably have a question or two on the lessons in the courses. Here's the best way to get them answered.