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The GOOD Non-Volley Zone (aka Pickleball Kitchen)

In this pickleball video we teach you how to use the Non-Volley Zone (also sometimes referred to as the Non Volley Zone or No Volley Zone or Pickleball Kitchen) to your advantage. There is a “bad” Non-Volley Zone (the one you are already familiar with). But there is also a “good” Non-Volley Zone – and this is the one that you need to learn to use.

Pickleball players all know the Non-Volley Zone (aka kitchen) as the area on the pickleball court that we cannot step into. It is like “lava” – don’t touch it. The Non-Volley Zone rules work both ways – they work against you on your side (keeping you our of the zone) but also work in your favor (keeping your opponents out of their zone and creating a safe zone for you).

Understanding that the Non-Volley Zone is more than this off-limits area will help you expand your understanding of pickleball strategy and help you play your best.

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