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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day One-Paddles, Jolt, Drops, Drives and the Kitchen

Virtual Summit Day One kicks off with Nicole Havlicek from Primetime Pickleball, Brandon Swanson The Paddle Geek, Drew Evans The Pickleball Librarian, and Laura Fenton Kovanda 4x US Open Champ and Owner of World Team Pickleball.

What’s the best 3rd shot, and why? Nicole Havlicek tackles the great 3rd shot debate. Paddle Geek Brandon Swanson owns more than 140 paddles, and he’ll tell you how to pick the best one for you. Drew Evans, Pickleball Librarian, shows you the must-have gear that’s missing from your pickleball bag. Laura Fenton Kovanda shares the kitchen movement strategies that have made her a 4x US Open Champ

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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day One Time Stamps

8:30 Nicole Havlicek-The Modern Third Shot Drop, Drives and Beyond

38:00 Brandon Swanson The Paddle Geek-How to Pick the Right Paddle for YOU

1:18:00 Drew Evans The Pickleball Librarian-Essential Gear You NEED to Have

1:50:35 Laura Fenton Kovanda 4x US Open Champ, Owner World Team Pickleball-Line to Line the BEST way to Get to the Kitchen

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