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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day Two-Red Herrings, Rules and the “Force”?

Virtual Pickleball Summit Day Two–Red Herrings, Rules, and “the Force”?

Pickleball Virtual Summit Day Two kicks off with Tony Roig from In2Pickle, Don Stanley USAPA Certified Referee and Registered Referee Trainer, Dr. Ernie Medina Jr. Assistant Professor Loma Linda University.

Michael Jordan said, “Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise.”

Tony Roig from In2Pickle shares his philosophies to avoid the red herrings and focus on the things that’ll improve your game the most. Grab a rule book and follow along as Don Stanley, Certified Referee teaches you how to make the rules simple. Everyone wants a strong immune system, and Dr. Ernie Medina tells us how to use YOUR Force to remain healthy and safe, now and into the future

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Virtual Pickleball Summit Day Two Time Stamps

Thank you to Miguel Enciso for a Pickleball Life. Check out his youtube channel for the full version of the song and other entertaining videos.

Time Stamps

Tony Roig-In2Pickle 11:08

Don Stanley-USAPA Certified Referee 42:51

Dr. Ernie Medina, Jr. Assistant Professor Loma Linda University-1:45

Additional Resources Pickleball Summit Day Two

Tony’s Videos

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Dink drills – wall

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1-2-3 Drill

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Two Rules

Becoming the Best Return of Serve Team

Rules Resources


USAPA Rules Changes

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